Gold Prices Shift with World Events in the Middle East

With tensions escalating in the Middle East, gold markets have seen substantial swings. The latest events drove more investors to look at gold as a secure financial shelter, triggering increased trading. We'll be digging into how these incidents are shaping the trends in gold and silver prices today. Understanding Gold's Recent Movements In mid April 2024, gold prices have been

Effect of Banning DEI Initiatives in Texas Colleges

Date Updated, April 13, 2024 Texas colleges are now dealing with many job losses and big changes in how they operate. This comes after the state decided to prohibit diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. This move hasn't just caused a stir in Texas. It's part of a wider pattern seen in other Republicancontrolled states too. What the DEI Prohibition

Google Cloud Spotlights Generative AI

The recent Google Cloud Next event in Las Vegas, which drew an impressive crowd of more than 30,000 people, saw Google dive headfirst into generative AI. Known for their solid cloud services, the company put a lot of focus on their new generative AI tech, showing they're changing up their game plan. Main Attractions and New Tech This conference wasn't

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Google Cloud Spotlights Generative AI

The recent Google Cloud Next event in Las Vegas, which drew an

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Total Solar Eclipse 2024, A Celestial Spectacle Unfolds

On April 8, 2024, an extraordinary space event will grab the attention

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

A Decade After Oculus, The Evolution of Virtual Reality

Ten years ago, Facebook Which we now call Meta Took a big

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Gmail’s 20-Year Evolution: From Privacy Concerns to Digital Lifeline

Two decades ago, Gmail entered the scene as a groundbreaking email service

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Deepfakes, A Rising Digital Problem

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting better fast, and with it comes an

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Google Innovates with AI Overviews in Search Results

On March 22, 2024, Google began testing AIgenerated summaries as part of

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Fujitsu Faces Cybersecurity Breach

A surprising news item has emerged showing the constant dangers in our

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Russia Strengthens Web Filters During Important Politics

Groups that care about society, experts, and companies that are affected are

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

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