AI’s Controversial Use of YouTube Content

Tech companies are increasingly employing controversial methods to feed their data-hungry artificial intelligence models, often harvesting books, websites, photos, and social media posts without the creators' knowledge or consent. An investigation by Proof News has revealed that some of the wealthiest AI companies, including Anthropic, Nvidia, Apple, and Salesforce, have used subtitles from 173,536 YouTube videos sourced from more than

Meyer and Renee Luskin Donate $25 Million to UCLA, Boosting Historic Efforts

Meyer Luskin, a business magnate in Southern California, and his wife, Renee, gave $25 million to UCLA. This gift is intended to support faculty, students, and public-related programs in the Department of History. The gift is the most significant donation the department and UCLA College's Division of Social Sciences have ever received. As a symbol of their generosity, the department

US Retail Sales Showcase Economic Resilience Amid Mixed Consumer Trends

The latest U.S. retail sales report indicates a resilient consumer market and bolstered economic growth prospects for the second quarter of 2024. Despite a drop in receipts at auto dealerships, the overall strength in other sectors has kept retail sales unchanged for June. This resilience suggests that the economy is in a stable condition, even as there are signs of

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AI’s Controversial Use of YouTube Content

Tech companies are increasingly employing controversial methods to feed their data-hungry artificial

Ashley Waithira Ashley Waithira

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Ring: AI-Enhanced Health Tracker

Samsung has released the Galaxy Ring, thereby entering the "smart ring" market.

Jaleel Mwangi Jaleel Mwangi

Apple Could Announce Google Gemini Deal This Fall, Making Your iPhone More Useful

Unless you've been asleep for the past year, you know that AI

Ashley Waithira Ashley Waithira

Atari 50 Expanded Edition: New Games Announced

Atari and Digital Eclipse have revealed an upcoming expansion for the popular

Jaleel Mwangi Jaleel Mwangi

AI Features Postponed as Apple Introduces Noteworthy Changes in iOS 18

Apple plans to release the upcoming developer beta for iPhone software, iOS

Annelise Sylta Annelise Sylta

Blackmagic Camera App Now Available for Android

The Android version of the Blackmagic Camera app is now available after

Jaleel Mwangi Jaleel Mwangi

Google and Apple Launch AI Emoji and Sticker Tools

The tech landscape is evolving constantly, with central importance given to artificial

Peyton Williams Peyton Williams

Windows WiFi Flaw and the Fix

Windows WiFi drivers recently had a fresh security flaw which enabled hackers

Annelise Sylta Annelise Sylta

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