Understanding Economic Trends in January, A Mixed Bag

The year kicked off with a complex snapshot of our economy, showing the challenges facing both decisionmakers and everyday folks. Reports on things like inflation, how much money people make, what they're buying, and the job scene all shed light on where the economy stands and where it might be heading. Inflation Patterns and the Fed's Next Moves In January,

Burger King Fires Back at Wendy’s New Pricing Plan

Burger King has boldly stepped up by offering free Whoppers for three days. This is a direct hit back at Wendy's who just said they would test variable prices with their digital menus. This battle of the giants is causing quite a stir, putting a spotlight on how quickservice restaurants are changing their prices due to tech advancements and what

Impact of Proposed Mississippi Bill on Higher Education

The state of Mississippi is facing a heated debate over Senate Bill 2726. This proposed law could shut down three historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) by June 2028 if it passes. The schools threatened by the bill are Mississippi Valley State University, Alcorn State University, and Jackson State University. Folks are worried about what this means for getting an

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The Dawn of a Phone-Free Era: Humane’s AI Pin

In today's world where everyone always has a smartphone in hand, thinking

Cam Speck Cam Speck

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

On February 29, 2024, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth hit the PlayStation 5

Jonas Muthoni Jonas Muthoni

Leadership Overhauls at PASQAL and IQM

PASQAL and IQM Quantum Computers, two leading companies in quantum computing, have

Ryan Lenett Ryan Lenett

Sony Adjusts PlayStation 5 Sales Targets

Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) is entering a crucial time, and the company

Ashley Waithira Ashley Waithira

Apple and Rivos Reach Settlement in Trade Secrets Lawsuit

In a significant move showing how cutthroat the tech world can be,

Cam Speck Cam Speck

Exploring the Intersection of Technology, Safety, and Social Ethics 

New tech keeps moving fast, and sometimes there are issues we didn't

Cam Speck Cam Speck

Apple Vision Pro: The Future of Computing or a Pricey Novelty?

Apple has just launched the Vision Pro, a fancy new "spatial computing"

Annelise Sylta Annelise Sylta

Google Pixel Watch 3: Anticipated Upgrades and Variants

Reports from 9to5Google and other tech outlets indicate that Google is set

Annelise Sylta Annelise Sylta

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