We’ve collected 10 tips and tricks to keep you ahead in WoW Classic. Some items are borderline cheating…

In the classic version of World of Warcraft, there are many items and game mechanics that are not as well balanced as in the retail version of the game. 

Therefore, it is sometimes possible to find items in starter areas that are still useful even at level 60. There are also some tricks that work in Classic, which Blizzard later nerfed.

We’ll give you 10 tips that will give you a distinct advantage in WoW Classic over players who do not follow these tips.

1. Jungle Remedy

Anyone traveling in Stranglethorn Valley will surely remember the cave with the Kurzen henchmen. These enemies often leave the item “Jungle Remedy” behind.

This is a consumable that removes all diseases and poisons from the character when used – even at level 60!

You can farm several stacks of these, It is dropped by Kurzen Medicine Man, Kurzen Witch Doctor, and Kurzen Headshrinker. The jungle remedy is useful in both WoW Classic PvP (for example, to get rid of a rogue slowdown), as well as in PvE. Because sometimes diseases can last up to 60 minutes (yes 60 minutes).

2. Hydrocane

Underwater breathing is especially important in WoW Classic, as some quests want you to dive into sunken shipwrecks. Since the breath in Classic does not last that long, many characters will often drown – but that can easily be solved!

Introducing Hydrocane

Once you get the chance, visit the Gnomeregan dungeon and farm the Hydrocane. It drops from the boss Vicious Fallout and is relatively easy to get. The stick gives underwater breathing to the wearer, preventing them from drowning.

The cool thing is that you can equip the Hydrocane even in combat. So when your breath comes to an end, you equip the staff for a few seconds and then switch back. A big advantage, even at level 60.

3. Launch Day Gold Making Secret

Gold making is the most effective during launch day. This is a well-kept secret by people who have played on multiple private servers and have seen economy develop and evolve on multiple servers.

Items on the auction house will never again be as cheap as they are during launch. This is because the gold supply is tiny and low-level goods supply is large. 

You can read this for more details on how to efficiently hoard and farm a lot of mats during Classic WoW launch: 4 Gold Making Tips for Launch Day in WoW Classic

4. Dartol’s Rod of Transformation

Dartol’s Rod of Transformation is strictly a quest item, but one of the coolest items in the game. The player is turned into a furbolg for 3 minutes, and the transformation only stops when the player takes damage.

The rod has been used extensively in PvP, because when you activate the rod, your character has an animation as if he were casting a spell. This allows priests and paladins in PvP to “fool” others by mimicking to cast a healing spell. A tool for fake casting in PvP – because in Classic it’s not so easy to see what the opponent is casting for a spell.

The rod can be obtained by Alliance players questing in Ashenvale. The quest series starts with Raene Wolfrunner and goes over several steps. For one of the early steps, you get the rod as a quest reward.

It is important that you never complete the questline completely – because then the rod will be removed from your inventory and it will never be available again for this character!

Item Link: https://classic.wowhead.com/item=5462/dartols-rod-of-transformation

5. Free teleport in Classic WoW

In WoW Classic it can happen that you still have a cooldown on your Hearthstone when you finish a dungeon. If you still want to return to your resting place, you simply have to leave the group inside the dungeon. A 60-second timer then begins, teleporting players to their resting place.

Since the Hearthstone in Classic still has a massive 60 minutes cooldown, this trick can save you long trips or waiting times.

6. Magic Dust

Magic Dust is another useful item, which can also be farmed endlessly. It drops from Dust Devils in Westfall, which means enemies at level 18-19. Dust devils patrol the area and there are only a dozen or so of them, making it easier to farm with a mount.

The magic dust can be used to bring any target to sleep for 30 seconds. This works for both normal and elite mobs, and greatly simplifies many quests. The dust is also usable in PvP, but it only lasts about 10 seconds, which is still a powerful control effect.

Dustdevil Co-ordinates in Westfall: https://classic.wowhead.com/npc=832/dust-devil

Since the dust can be used by all classes, it is a solid, additional means of opponent CC. So if you’re in Westfall, you might want to slay some dust devils to collect the magic dust. Because even at level 60 it’s still amazing.

7. Skull of Impending Doom

Aptly named, the Skull of Impending Doom is an off-hand item. At first glance, it looks to be only useful for spell classes, but it provides a good advantage in PvP.

The skull has a “Use” effect. Once activated, the character’s movement speed increases by a whopping 60% for 10 seconds. However, the character suffers damage of between 100 and 500 points every 2 seconds and a mana deduction of between 100 and 500 points. But if you’re on your toes, you can use this off-hand weapon to your advantage!

With the “sprinting” effect, you can be unstoppable as a flag bearer in PvP. Alternatively, you can use the DoT on yourself to be virtually immune to control effects. Because opponents cannot polymorph, freezing trap, seduce, gouge, sap, etc you if you break out of the effect every 2 seconds with self-inflicted damage.

The Skull is available after small questline Forbidden Knowledge.

8. Magic Candle

In Classic, it wasn’t so easy for all classes to pull enemies from a distance. Especially tank paladins had a big problem because they didn’t have a real ranged attack. So the paladins had to rely on other players to help them – or they took it into their own hands.

A useful item here is the Magic Candle. This drops in the Elwynn Forest from the Kobold Geomancer in the Mines. The magic candle lets the player shoot a small fireball. This fireball even causes a short damage-over-time spell. The damage is minimal, but this is a good alternative for pulling opponents as melee without making a “body pull”.

So if you’re in the mines in Classic, farm some of these candles for later or give them to a friendly paladin who wants to tank up on them.

9. Nightfall

If you are a warrior, paladin or shaman and would like to become the absolute darling of all magic classes in raiding, you should choose Blacksmithing and work towards the weapon Nightfall. This epic two-handed Axe has a devastating effect that brings tears of joy to the eyes of all classes with magic damage.

Nightfall has a chance to increase the target’s magic damage taken by 15% for 5 seconds with every hit. In a raid or even a dungeon, this can be a massive buff that can greatly speed up boss battles.

The axe is at the expense of your own DPS, of course, as it has no stats of its own. Its pure damage is also somewhat meh.

10. Only buy the skills and spells you really need

This advice is mostly geared towards the newer players venturing into Classic WoW.

In Classic, you are more or less forced to visit the trainer for your class every few levels. This is mainly due to the fact that spells and abilities still had different ranks and therefore had to be purchased individually.

The problem is, however, that the cost of purchasing abilities and spells quickly increases. Gold costs to improve a single spell quickly adds up. That’s all the gold you’ll lack later for the level 40 mount and the level 60 epic mount.

During the level phase, you should purchase spells and abilities that you really need and that make you more effective in your role. For example, if the next skill has no effect on your damage, it can stay with the trainer for a while.

So always buy skills that make you more effective, but be hesitant about the other skills. Later, when you have a mount, the necessary gold can be earned much faster.


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