Food cravings can be a thorn in your side, particularly if you are trying to lose weight. There are two different types of cravings you may experience:

Emotional Cravings

Emotional cravings can stem from the desire to find comfort, feel wanted and also feelings of inadequacy or stress. When this happens, among a multitude of other reasons, the first reaction is to turn to food that satisfies you, and will often take the form of some kind of sugary substance, which as we all know, is a moment in your mouth and a whole lot of potential problems. This is compounded by the fact that thirst is more often than not confused with hunger. This triggers off messages to your brain, and the end result is usually one of total indulgence in the wrong foods. But help is at hand in the form of our old friend – water.

Bacterial Cravings

Now this is one set of cravings that you really can take action on. If your system is overloaded with ‘bad bacteria’ in your gut, the best and easiest way is to ‘reboot’ your system over a period of 2 weeks, with a maintenance period of 1 week at least, and go through the cleansing process. A shorter reboot is fine for a quick cleanse, but the longer you maintain this healthier lifestyle, the better you will feel and the cravings will not return. Step in your best friend – water (we probably sound boring now, but trust us, it really is true).

Water, coupled with sensible eating, particularly fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meat will set you on the right path. Your gut contains, in laymans’ terms, a ‘mini brain’, which reacts to the microbes contained in your stomach. So it is the mini brain that sends messages from your body to your ‘real brain’. Clear out those unhealthy microbes, and the reactions will cease or become of a much lesser degree.

So here comes water – your cleansing agent that puts your gut back into shape, coupled with the right foods as previously mentioned. We are not denying that you will need an element of iron will and discipline but truly and honestly, water can really help.

Keep Hydrated

Do you ever feel ‘full up’ if you drink a lot of water? Don’t worry, this isn’t a bad thing, its beneficial.

Whilst the usual statements say that 8 glasses of water per day are the recommended allowance, you can go above or below this level, depending on your circumstances, but never less than 6. Water will flush out your system and keep your vital organs working, particularly those that expel toxins from the body, such as the kidneys. Most importantly in this instance, water consumed before a meal will not only cleanse the system, but will also provide feelings of satiety, thereby stopping you from overeating and clearing out the bacteria at the same time. Consuming water regularly throughout the day will also prevent sluggishness, which means that you will feel more alive and active. End result – weight loss without too much effort!

It’s an easy equation; Good Food + cleansing (reboot) + regular hydration.

Result will be Good Health + Energy + Clear Mind + Weight Loss.

Sounds simple? – it can be if you put your mind to it. Start today with cleansing and regular hydration and you can turn your life round very quickly – that pair of skinny jeans or figure-hugging dress are within easy grasp!

Drink up on tap water – after all, it’s free and just a seconds worth of effort to gain a healthy lifestyle.


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