About Us

The Brux brings something new and fresh in the sector dominated by family-owned, corporate-funded news websites. Our site is completely self-funded and we strive to deliver news without the fluff and the bias. We believe, for a country like the U.S, which is the world’s oldest surviving federation, the news shouldn’t be picked and chosen based on political inclination.

At The Brux, our writers are given complete control on what to cover as long as they report facts with strong sources. Our writers are never pressurized to take down a report nor are they shunned to cover a topic. Our writers carry the mantle of free speech under which this country was built.

Our Writers:

William Dahl: Completed his Masters in Journalism from Northwestern, William is a Political analyst and writer for U.S politics at the Brux. Subtly charming beer fanatic and an unapologetic food geek are some words that describe him the best. Contact him: [email protected]

Allison Hairston: Completed her Masters in mass communication from the University of Minnesota, Allison writes about current events specifically centred around the U.S. Her interests are also inclined towards U.S political news coverage and fact-checking. Contact her: [email protected]

Chiang Hyo: Chiang is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. He has a strong passion for delivering Tech news and reviewing the latest tech toys. He is a quiet, reserved, and a thinker. Enjoys playing retro games when he’s on a break. Contact him [email protected]

Isiah Vance: Isiah is The Brux’s sports writer. He is a true sports enthusiast. You wouldn’t spend an hour with him without him mentioning sports at some point. His passion lies in writing about American football and other sports. He played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers in college. Contact him: [email protected]

Nancy Anderson: Nancy is a full-time travel journalist at The Brux covering World News. She has majored in Mass Communication with 4 years of experience in news reporting and writing. She likes to go on long cycling rides every once in a while and is a professional travel trailblazer. Contact her: [email protected]

…and a bunch of interns who make this reporting possible.