The former boxing champion Felix Sturm has been arrested on Friday in Cologne, according to the police. Sturm is allegedly accused of tax evasion.

According to the German media, the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne is said to have obtained an arrest warrant for Sturm. According to the warrant, the 40-year-old is accused of tax evasion. The arrest is said to have already taken place on Friday at the Cologne sports and fitness fair Fibo.

Sturm had been tested positive for doping after his victory in 2016 in Oberhausen in the World Cup revenge against the Russian Fyodor Tschudinow. However, a court refused the opening of the main proceedings against Sturm, as there was no sufficient evidence against the ex-champion. Neither the World Boxing Association WBA, nor the Federation of German Professional Boxer (BDB) had blocked Sturm from competing after the incident.

Sturm made his professional debut at the end of January 2001. In September 2003 he became world champion for the first time. It was the first highlight of an eventful career in which Sturm won and lost the World Championship title five times in three different federations.

In February 2016 he triumphed for the last time, for the first time not as a middleweight, but as a super middleweight in the rematch against the Russian Fyodor Chudinov. Two months later, however, he was tested positive in a doping test. He had been tested positive for the anabolic substance hydroxystanozolol in the A and B samples during the World Cup revenge match.


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