A roof a home that was blown off a home rests on the ground in Hamilton, Mississippi, after a deadly storm moved through the area on Sunday, April 14, 2019. (AP)

At least eight people have been killed by heavy storms on Sunday, April 14. Now the bad weather is supposedly setting its course for cities on the east coast.

A massive storm has left a trail of death and devastation on its way through the southern states. The storm unleashed tornadoes and flooding on Sunday in Texas and adjacent Louisiana.

According to media reports at least eight people, including three children have been confirmed dead. The bad weather eventually moved further northeast, including New York and the capital city of Washington.

A warning has been issued to the residents of East coast by the National Weather Service on Twitter:

Residents of Alabama have been warned by the meteorological department of tornadoes in the midst of rains. In Texas, several people were victims of tornadoes. In Angelina County, two children died when the car in which they were traveling with their parents was hit by a falling tree. According to the sheriff, the three and eight-year-old children could only be rescued dead from the vehicle.

Near Houston, a woman died in the rubble of her motorhome. Four other people were injured. In West Monroe neighboring Louisiana, a 13-year-old drowned when he was hit by a flash flood. Later, the police found another dead man in a sunken car. In the state of Mississippi reported the authorities of at least one dead and many injured by the storm.

The hurricanes and floods destroyed many houses that it hit. Fallen trees have blocked the streets and fell on overhead lines to cause power outages in many places. The town of Franklin in Texas was almost completely destroyed by a tornado, according to media reports. In Hamilton, Mississippi, dozens of houses were razed to the ground, a report said.


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