British Prime Minister Theresa May now considers the Labour Party to be responsible for the Brexit stalemate. Says the Labour Party must work with her on a compromise.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May sees little chance that the ‘United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum agreement’ will be passed “in the near future” with a majority. The referendum has been rejected three times already by the house of parliament. She said that it is now up to the opposition MEPs to help reach a compromise. May said on Saturday that the voters “expect politicians to work together when the national interest demands it”.

Her conservative party agrees with Labour on some points, the head of government said. Both wanted, for example, to preserve jobs and leave the EU with a good agreement. This is the basis for a compromise that could achieve a majority in parliament.

This week, May approached the opposition Labor Party to seek a way out of Brexit stalemate and talk about alternatives. But after three days of talks, they reached no such agreement. Rather, Labor accused May’s conservative government of not moving. “I have not noticed any major changes in government attitudes,” said party leader Jeremy Corbyn¬†on Saturday.¬†“I’m waiting for the red lines to shift.”

The Labour party advocates a softer Brexit with a close link to EU trade rules, such as the Customs Union. In addition, the opposition party wants the standards of environmental and labour protection customary in the confederation of states to continue to apply.


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