In addition to Snap Games, Snap Inc. also introduced new features for Augmented Reality (AR) and camera search for developers, partners, and Snapchat users. This means that even more extensive snaps will be created and shared over the platform in the future.

Snapchat’s “Scan” camera search is now extended so that you can now press and hold the camera button to learn more about what’s in the viewfinder or the surrounding area. For example, you will be able to scan Snapcodes to unlock special filters and lenses. If you scan a product or a barcode using the function, these objects will be searched for and displayed on Amazon.

In addition, the integration of the music recognition service Shazam now enables you to recognize the name of an unknown song with a press of a button. Lens Studio for creating your own Lenses will also be extended, according to Snap Inc. in its press release. Among them are, for example, templates for tracking hands, bodies or pets.

The Lens Studio will also contain templates for Snap’s new Landmarker Lenses for the first time. This will allow famous landmarks on Earth to be integrated into your AR environment. Developers can directly access the following five locations: Buckingham Palace (London), United States Capitol Building (Washington, D.C.), Eiffel Tower (Paris), Flatiron Building (New York City) and TLC Chinese Theater (Los Angeles), with more to follow. If Snapchat users visit these landmarks, they can use the new landmarker lenses directly.

Another feature that will soon be available to Snapchat users is the AR Bar. This is designed to make it easier for Snapchat users to discover and navigate lenses and camera search features on Snapchat. “With AR Bar, for the first time, it will be possible to create, scan, search and explore everything in one place,” said Snap Inc.

Additionally, a few other services have also been integrated into Snapchat. Photomath, whose useful app functions allow solving math problems can now also be used directly via the Snapchat viewfinder. The gif platform GIPHY will also be integrated. Now Snapchat users should be offered dynamically generated GIF-Lenses matching their snaps, based on what can be seen in the camera view.


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