Spiritualbeats’s subliminal messages mp3s have been featured everywhere lately, from major news outlets to massive publications picking up their research. But does it really hold up to the hype, or is it just some new alternate medicine trend? TheBrux finds out.

Fact-checking the science behind subliminal messages.

They have claimed in their various TV and news cameos that the science behind their proprietary technology goes as far back as 50 years. 

We did some digging. 

According to our research, the first-ever use of subliminal messages dates back to 1957, approximately 62 years ago. James Vicary, a researcher used subliminal messages to insert words like “Eat popcorn” and “Drink Coca-cola” into a single frame in a movie.

That single frame caused an 18.1% increase in Coke sales and a 57.8% increase in popcorn sales. Scary stuff!

Many more studies were done by researchers after that, in 1999 Harvard embedded these subliminal messages into a computer game. Their research was a massive success as well.

So, we’ve established subliminal messages do work, and at an alarming pace. Let’s dive deeper into the rabbit hole, shall we?

Are big brands really abusing these subliminal messages?

We have already established the scary power of subliminal messages, the power to manipulate people into doing whatever they want.

It’s a no brainer the big brands use it. Here are just a few examples, trust me there’s plenty more.

Hmm the one ring or an ad for Coca-Cola
Why cover the F (SFX magazine)
The infamous KFC advert

We’ll run out of space if we were to put in every ad released using subliminal messages, the point is, yes big brands did use it. There were a ton of conspiracy back then about it. The FCC had to ban it, that part is also true.

How does SpiritualBeats do it?

While we weren’t given all the details when we reached out to them about their propriety technology, we did gather enough information to deduce their delivery method. Basically, they’re delivering positive affirmations in a type of script at an audible level that only your subconscious mind could pick up.

Sounds too complicated? This image should help you:

We checked using the frequensee app, which is an app available on the app store and it does pick up the audio levels being delivered.

Now, positive affirmations, do they really work? 

Yes, they do. If your subconscious mind gets affirmed of something over and over, you start to believe it to be true. Your conscious mind even tries to weave up scenarios to justify the decision by your subconscious mind.

The Verdict

Well, the science, research, and delivery everything checks out, but did it work for me? Yes it did, honestly, I was very skeptical about it when I first started my research around mid-June.

I have gone a complete 360 since then. My daily energy has seen tremendous improvement, I no longer say no to my kids. My mind makes up facts and information to back up my subconscious decisions.

For example, I really procrastinate a lot before making up my mind on writing an article. I always used to substitute time with my kids with procrastination. Recently I have been doing that a lot less. I tend to have a lot more spare time now because of that.

When I look back now, it really was those long procrastination sessions that took up most of my days. The SpiritualBeats Subliminal modules have really helped me, especially their Kingmaker module.

So overall, I’d say for the price they’re selling at, it is honestly a no brainer! And the recent buzz surrounding them were fully justified.


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